Individual Psychotherapy

Carla Hines is passionate about working with individuals to help them develop their fullest potential.  Areas of expertise include trauma treatment, anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, parenting issues, and relationship issues.

Couple's treatment

Carla Hines is a certified Imago Relationship Therapist.  Couples who simply want to strengthen their relationship or who are going through struggle or crisis can benefit from this approach which helps partners to communicate in a way that allows them to heal and deepen their connection.

Parenting Coaching

Carla Hines helps parents to understand their children's behavior and to respond in ways that strengthens their bond with their child.


Growth Potential

Therapy is a life-changing journey.  If you are struggling with an area in your life, remember that struggle is necessary for growth.  With the proper guidance, your life and relationships can transform in deep and profound ways.


No matter what your past has been, you determine your future.

Call today to talk with Carla.  The phone call is free and confidential. She is happy to speak to you and answer any questions you may have about her philosophy, treatment approach, or background.